The Spa by Clarins, bubble of well-being.

In a refined and immaculate atmosphere, the Spa by Clarins is a genuine invitation to let go, to self-renewal…The Spa relies on the expertise of the Clarins brand, the pioneer in beauty by plants. The exclusive place to offer you a real moment of customized well-being, well-living, pleasure and results.

Treatment list

Clarins Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez signature treatment

New wave 90 min / 190€
In a heaven of tranquility with Mediterranean scents, enjoy the “New Wave” treatment. Clarins has created this treatment with a full body massage and a facial exclusively for the Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez. Let yourself be carried by an aromatic wave that will delight your senses, release in-depth tensions throughout your body, sublimate the youth and radiance of your face.

Clarins Facial Treatments

Beauty flash facial   30 min / 80€
An instant beauty flash that will dissipate signs of fatigue and leave the skin radiant for long-lasting makeup.

Clear skin refiner    60 min / 140€
This detoxifying treatment helps to restore the balance of combination and oily skin. Impurities are gently removed, shine is reduced and pores are tightened. Your skin is clean, fresh and glowing with health.

Moisture quencher    60 min / 140€
Multi-level moisturization and intense nourishment for dry, weakened skin. Redness is reduced, dehydration fine lines are plumped and feelings of tightness disappear. Your skin is wonderfully soft and supple again and its vitality restored.

Even skin perfector    60 min / 140€
The treatment for an uneven complexion, to restore skin that looks like “new”. It helps to minimize the look of dark spots, brighten darker areas and revive the skin’s natural luminosity.

 The Every Age Experts

Lifting replenisher    60 min / 140€ – 90 min / 190€
For skin weakened by hormonal changes, the priority is skin density. This treatment smoothes the features, resculpts and redefines facial contours and visibly reduces the look of wrinkles and dark spots. Your skin is replenished, plumped and your complexion more radiant and luminous.

Power firmer    60 min / 140€ – 90 min / 190€
Loss of firminess? This treatment stimulates the skin’s vital functions to deliver a triple rejuvenating action targeting wrinkles, firminess and elasticity. Wrinkles are smoothed, facial features are lifted, skin is firmed, and you look incredibly radiant.

Radiance smoother    60 min / 140€ – 90 min / 190€
For stressed skin lacking in radiance: diminish the look of fine lines and early wrinkles, reduce signs of fatigue and protect skin from external aggressions. Wrinkles are visibly smoothed and your skin appears more supple, toned and ready to resist the hectic pace of city life.

Signature Body Treatments

Contour shaper    60 min / 140€
This treatment’s draining and firming benefits help you achieve more refined body contours where you want. Stubborn and newly forming areas of cellulite are visibly minimized; your skin feels softer and smoother. Its sculpting ability is proven*. You’ve never felt better !
*Clinical study carried out on 26 women following a Contour Shaper treatment.

Body firming expert    60 min / 140€
This body treatment targets both skin density and elasticity, two factors that impact skin ageing. Highly firming, it helps boost skin tone while promoting smooth, supple skin.

Summer glow    60 min / 140€
This self-tanning treatment for face and body promotes beautiful, superb tanned color that looks just like the real thing. Your skin looks luminous, feels soft and well hydrated, just like you’ve gotten back from a sunny vacation. Ready to tan?

Tonic sweet & salty scrub    60 min / 140€
A high-performance body exfoliation treatment that purifies the skin, removing all toxins. The combined use of mechanical and biological exfoliation techniques leaves the skin feeling firm and exquisitely soft.

Beautiful mother-to-be    60 min / 140€
This ultra-pampering treatment gently prepares your body and your skin to undergo the changes that pregnancy brings. You’ll experience a feeling of complete relaxation while targeted massage movements help promote lighter-feeling legs and improved skin elasticity. This specialized treatment also helps avoid the marks of pregnancy that women often dread.


Eyebrows, or Upper lip, or Chin   25€
Face (Starting from two areas)    45€
Armpits    30€
Arms    35€
Bikini    40€
Brazilian Bikini    45€
Integral Bikini    60€
Half-legs    50€
Full-legs    70€

Beautiful hands and feet

Manicure    60 min / 60€
Pedicure    60 min / 70€
Hand beauty with nail polish    60 min / 80€
Feet beauty with nail polish    60 min / 90€
Hand beauty with gel polish application or removal    75 min / 90€
Feet beauty with gel polish application or removal or made    75 min / 100€
Hand beauty with gel polish application and removal    90 min / 110€
Feet beauty with gel polish application and removal    90 min / 120€
Nail polish application*    30 min / 40€
Gel polish removal*    30 min / 50€
Gel polish application*    30 min / 50€
*Benefit requiring an express care (filing and sanding of the nail plate).

ClarinsMen Treatments

Skin booster    60 min / 140€
This complete treatment for men’s skin moisturizes and visibly redefines facial contours. It purifies, energizes, refines skin texture and helps reduce the look of wrinkles and dark circles. The scalp, neck and shoulder massage at the end of the treatment brings an instant feeling of well-being. You look rested, relaxed, completely revived!

Body energizer exfoliator    60 min / 140€
The perfect revitalizing treatment to invigorate, moisturize and restore clean, comfortable skin. It’s the ideal booster after exercise.

Men Treatments

Beautiful hands and feet
Manicure    60 min / 60€
Pedicure    60 min / 70€

Eyebrows / Nose / Ears / Cheek / Neck   25€
Face (starting from two areas)    45€
Armpits    30€
Torso / Stomach   45€
Shoulders / Lower back    45€
Full back    60€

Clarins Massages

Rebalancing massage with essential oils    60 min / 140€ – 90 min / 190€
This massage is based on the six fundamental forms of touch to promote complete relaxation and restore corporal energies. The depth of the massage movements is adjusted depending on the level of muscular tension. Carried out with “Tonic” Oil to stimulate the body and mind or “Relax” Oil for a feeling of complete relaxation.

Sports massage    60 min / 140€ – 90 min / 190€
A perfect massage before and after exercise. Beforehand, it warms up the muscles and optimizes their response time. Afterwards, it reduces tension and muscle pain, enabling muscles to recover better.

Massages from across the World

Deep tissue    60 min / 170€ – 90 min / 210€
This very deep and muscular massage supports the drainage of toxins and reduces muscles tension due to physical effort. Ideal after a workout to avoid aches.

Balinese massage    60 min / 170€ – 90 min / 210€
This massage removes the effect of daily stress on the body and helps to balance the body and mind by restoring the flow of energy.

Personalized massage    60 min / 170€ – 90 min / 210€
All our massages can be personalized. We adapt to the specific needs and demands of each guest. So you can choose the massage, the oil, the time, the pressure and the area to be massaged.

Foot reflexology    60 min / 170€
Inspired by Chinese medicine, foot reflexology is a massage that stimulates the reflex zones of the foot in order to harmonize the energies of body and mind, for a deep relaxation.

Specific Treatments

Shirocampi massage    30 min / 80€
Inspired by Ayurvedic, shirocampi is a massage of the skull, face and neck: ideal for headaches.

Lighter legs    30 min / 80€
A refreshing treatment that relaxes and relieves tired, heavyfeeling legs.

Back, neck and shoulder    30 min / 80€
A relaxing massage to promote maximum well-being. It soothes and releases all tension concentrated on the back, neck and shoulders.

Foot reflexology    30 min / 80€
Foot massage performed by pressing the reflex zones of the arch of the foot, providing a real feeling of relaxation.

Spa packages

Relaxation package    60 min / 140€
Tailored-made body massage of 30 minutes.
Facial care by Clarins of 30 minutes.

Absolute relaxation package    90 min / 190€
Tailored-made body massage of 60 minutes.
Facial care by Clarins of 30 minutes.

Slim package    1h45 / 230€
Body scrub by Clarins of 45 minutes.
Slimming body massage by Clarins of 60 minutes.

Serenity package    1h45 / 230€
Body scrub by Clarins of 45 minutes.
Tailored-made body massage of 60 minutes.

Absolute serenity package    2h45 / 350€
Body scrub by Clarins of 45 minutes.
Tailored-made body massage of 60 minutes.
Facial care by Clarins of 60 minutes.

LPG Treatments

After a diagnosis made by your therapist during your first session, a program will be proposed.

You can drain, re-densify, rehydrate or firm your face, or drain, sculpt or firm your body.

First session: diagnosis 15 minutes + treatment 35 minutes    75€
Treatment 35 minutes    75€
Package 10 sessions + one free    750€

Spa etiquette

For all appointments, we ask our kind customers to leave us a name, a mobile phone number, a credit card number.

For any cancellation, please contact us at least 6 hours in advance. Otherwise, you will be charged in full. Please note that any late arrivals will result in a reduction of the treatment time without any price reduction being applied.

We invite you to arrive no later than 20 minutes before the start of your treatment to get change in peace and enjoy, if you wish, our equipment: sauna, steam room, experience shower and ice fountain.

Thank you to inform us of any health problem, allergy or injury that could hinder the smooth running of your care.

The Spa offers guests a locker with bathrobe, bath towel and slippers. Thank you kindly bring your swimsuit to enjoy the equipment. The management of the Hotel de Paris Saint-Tropez cannot be held responsible for loss, theft, forgetfulness or damage to objects within the Spa.

Access to the Spa is exclusively reserved for guests aged 16 and over.