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With unusual flavours and novel use of ingredients, contemporary vegetarian cuisine is a genuine treat for the body and mind.
100% delicious and healthy dishes are mastered to perfection by inspired second chef Damien Cruchet, topped with the generous vision of Pierre-Alain Garnier. To be savoured from the elegant patio to the rooftop.


The vegan menu


Risotto with cashew nut    24€
Hinterland garden peas, crispy bread, vegetable foam

Sweet potato freshness    19€
Petals of sun-dried tomatoes, pistachio pesto


Zucchini cannelloni from Nice    24€
Stuffed with vegetarian ricotta, fresh basil, almond emulsion

Spelt penne with artichokes    22€
Rocket salad and capers, garlic espuma


Alfonso mango    14€
Coconut mousse, creamy heart with mango


To place a reservation: 
Tel. +33(0)4 8309 6000 / contact@hoteldeparis-sainttropez.com